NARS Audacious Lipsticks

NARS, you’ve done it again. I have a family of four of these guys, and I love every single one of them. These lipsticks – oh my lord.


Of all the lip products that I’ve tried, this line takes the cake. They are consistently creamy, pigmented, and feel so incredibly luxurious. The packaging is much like other NARS products in that they are black with the brand name sported over the surface. The clasp of these lippies are magnetised – and I do have to admit that with someone that has a similar attention span as myself, that these are basically toys and come with hours of enjoyment.

I probably looked like an idiot in the store playing with those things…

Oh well


It feels almost criminal to critique these products considering I use them every day, and that I have sworn by them since my initial purchase of them over six months ago. Also considering they are my go to for gifts and recommendations for almost all my friends and family. However, the colour selection is not quite as broad as I would like it to be. I would have loved to see that with such a stunning line, that the shades be fitting to more uses than just a day to day application, but some real statement pieces too.

This is understandable though, whilst NARS is a gorgeous brand, it’s not normally the first brand you think of when you want to really en-capture that ‘wow factor’. For that purpose you’re probably looking for a brand closer to that of Jeffree Star; one that strives off of the bright and bold. But still, one can dream. Maybe in the future we will see NARS step out of its comfort zone and produce some new products that blow other brands out of the water.


In saying this, I do still adore all my NARS products.

These lipsticks are some of my all time favourites and I definitely class them amongst the holy grail’s in my collection. If you can get your hand on these, you’re a very lucky woman.




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