Frank Body Coffee Scrub – The OG

Not going to lie, of all brands to blow up over social media, one selling packets of coffee to rub all over your body, would not have been my first guess. Frank Body takes the cake though; every where you look, on any platform, I guarantee you will find this product.

These coffee scrubs are 100% vegan friendly, and are suited perfectly for when you need more than just want a surface soap wash. It exfoliates deep to help you achieve that baby bum softness, and is just a whole lot of fun to use.


My first impressions when I opened my first ever sachet of the stuff was the smell – it blew me away. Don’t go in to this scrub with the mindset of finding a lovely, sweet coffee like aroma because it is far from that. I’m almost tempted to call it a ‘pong’ rather than a smell actually. Imagine you dig up raw coffee, add some mint, dark chocolate and dirt, in a warm moist jar for a month. That’s the closest I believe I could get to correctly describe what this scrub smells like. It can be a bit overwhelming.

HOWEVER, I do want to make the point of saying that if you have the strength to bear with the scrub long enough to actually apply and rinse off, you won’t smell half as strong afterwards- I promise! You could also rub in a sweet smelling soap immediately after if you really feel the need because that eliminates any trace of coffee.


Naturally, after I applied my scrub, I did take a moment to pause and take some selfies (I know, I know, I’m a walking cliche). This though was long enough for my face to get that warm tingly feeling indicating some sensitivity. So, if your skin is the type to require particularly gentle TLC, then I wouldn’t recommend this for face use, especially for longer than a minute or so! This could also just be me – my skin changes its sensitivity as often as the weather, so maybe just spot test haha. Fortunately, if you did manage to fall in love with Frank Body but have some issues with facial sensitivity, you’ll be glad to know they do have a line specifically dedicated to keep that warm tingly feeling away.


A very large portion of me wants to suggest just buying a pair of exfoliating gloves; the ones that cost less than five dollars or so at Target, or even in your local grocery store. They do an amazing job of buffing everything away so effortlessly, and probably last weeks longer than any body scrub would. The thing is though, is that as much as you can find products similar to one, it will never be THAT ONE, you know? And when that one product feels so lovely it’s almost impossible to forget about it, kinda like with boys to be honest. Sure, there are millions of fish in the sea, but no two fish are the same.

What I’m trying to say is that this product CAN be beaten, but it feels so nice that I almost don’t want it to? I’m not sure. I keep reaching for this stuff all the time. I love it, it’s pong and everything. I know I’ll use it again and again.


Try this if you get the chance. I’m thankful I did!




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