My First Hello

Not going to lie, I’m kind of terrified. Note this, on the first Thursday of December 2016, I sat down to write the first text I planned to publish out in to the world.


My reasoning? To be honest it could be any number of things which have led me to this decision.

One of which could include that I just finished my formal high school schooling and I’m bored. This is probably more of an enabler than an actual reason for starting a blog as it’s probably easier to shop online in my spare time, but still I guess it’s a viable option.

Another potential reason is because I, Danielle Laura, am so terrified of amounting to nothing. Forget heights, or the dark, I’m just scared of being nothing special, of just being one of those “yea, I think I heard of her once” type of people. I want people to openly know me for something great, fantastic even, I just don’t know what yet.

And lastly, I could just have this unbearable envy of any and all people with a social media presence. Who wouldn’t though? It’s like being famous, but so much better.


Regardless, I want to say hello to anyone out there! Send me pointers, and please be patient because right now I’m walking in to this blind. I’m a sixteen year old spastic with a laptop and approximately 20 minutes of experience with Word Press to build on. I’m a bit of an idiot but I learn fast when I want to.

Bear with me guys!




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