Chasing The MECCA Dream


In case my audience is unaware, living these days is really hecking expensive, even as a sixteen year old living at home. I’ve been employed since I was fourteen at a local cinema where I am being paid just over minimum wage for picking maggots out of popcorn, cleaning up vomit* and dealing with angry, violent customers. And so, it’s safe to say that as my shifts began getting cut that I didn’t hesitate to start day dreaming of a workplace with a silver lining that wouldn’t have me gagging on a regular basis.

I thought to myself “What better place to work at than a MECCA Cosmetica store, right?”

And so, my search began.

I started off just sending in the crap resume that had found me my current job, buuuuuut I knew that just wouldn’t cut it. I spent weeks re-doing my resume, writing my first cover letter and busting my nut trying to find references; how many was enough?! Two references just didn’t seem like it would suffice, so by the end of the week I remember having approximately eight that I was confident would drag me over that “yea let’s give her a shot” line. Don’t worry though! After some googling I realised I had gone over-kill and ended up only keeping my two favourites.

It was maybe two weeks after I had submitted my revamped resume and cover letter that I was starting to get just a little disheartened they hadn’t come screaming, begging to let me work for them, offering me a ridiculous hourly rate and promoting me before I had even accepted their offer. God dammit Danielle. I thought that the one night I had decided not to check my emails that I was playing hard to get. Safe to say it wasn’t long before I disappointed myself.

Every day religiously I was on their websites live chat asking about expected vacancies, or for any tips the worker that day could think of, I was a regular caller on their customer service line, and I introduced myself to the in-store managers enough times for them to all know my name, age and current work status. In my head I’m still debating whether my efforts were an act of resilient persistence, or whether I was going to receive a retraining order for harassment. Either way, it obviously was not what they looked for in a hopeful employee. Or perhaps the moons had aligned and decided they weren’t going to let me off easy and that I was going to have to work for what I wanted.

I’ve never given up on something important to me, and this was not going to be my first.

I feel like we’re told our whole life to follow our dreams, to never give up, and to live and breathe what we know is good and right. It’s surprising though how no one really tries to help when someone decides that they’re going to actually go through with pursuing what they love. Which was what I had made the conscious decision to do.

Where is this story going? Absolutely no where. I am yet to have MECCA contact me about any sort of employment, but I’m also yet to give up. I’m still looking for a new job, I just know I’m not looking for just ANY job, I want my hard work to pay off. Call me stubborn, that’s okay, but I am going to be successful no matter what. And right now MECCA looks like my best bet to do that.

I don’t want to be handed anything I haven’t worked for,  and I am so ready to work for what’s right. I will make people feel beautiful no matter what, you haven’t heard the last of Danielle Laura, MECCA!



*When I think of places where vomit would be a regular issue, a cinema isn’t usually the first thing you’d think of, but HOLY HECK let me tell you it happens as often as our prehistoric lift decides to break down and hold people captive inside it!


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